The Whisky Show: Old & Rare 2018

Posted: February 27, 2018

Relaxed, contemplative and stocked with over a century’s worth of rare whiskies. You couldn’t ask for a more fitting atmosphere for the Old & Rare Whisky Show, writes Felipe Schrieberg.

Room to breathe: The hustle and bustle of other whisky shows was pleasantly absent in Glasgow

It was not immediately obvious that the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow had been elevated into a Mecca for whisky collectors. Still less obvious because as I entered its large conference room on Sunday (25 February), the first thing I noticed about the Whisky Show: Old & Rare festival, was its unusual noise – or lack thereof.

Voices never went beyond a low hum of constant murmuring and quiet conversation. You didn’t need to fight to make yourself heard despite the crowd. In fact, the two-day Old & Rare didn’t really suffer from crowds as such. The space easily handled the 300 ticket holders each day, evenly spread among masterclasses, exhibitor stands, and a multitude of tables and couches where many sat with friends or on their own, their expressions reflecting deep contemplation of the drams in their hands…

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