How Whisky Tourism is Transforming Scotch

Posted: June 16, 2018

Making whisky is no longer the only concern for many Scotch distilleries. With visitor centre numbers at an all-time high, Felipe Schrieberg explores how the global popularity of whisky tourism is giving birth to a new generation of distillery – one that puts the visitor experience first.

The nearly completed Ardnahoe distillery, set on a bluff overlooking an unbeatable view of the Sound of Islay, is a unique place that perhaps represents the future of whisky tourism in Scotland.

For a relatively small facility, a large amount of space has been developed to accommodate future visitors, and eventually will incorporate a café-restaurant, bar, tasting room, gift shop and viewing balcony. It’s representative of a new generation of whisky distilleries designed and built with the visitor experience as a priority – considered, perhaps, almost as important as the distillery operation itself.

This is the reality currently sweeping through the Scotch whisky industry. Whisky tourism is booming as never before, and distilleries and brands are in the process of transforming themselves to adapt to this growing market…

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