4 Facts You Should Know About The Japanese Whisky Crisis

Posted: May 17, 2018
Scotch whisky is an industry of cyclical boom-and-bust: Global success inevitably is followed by a staggering crash that shutters many distilleries. Now we’re in the middle of an enormous boom, especially for single malt Scotch whisky, and everyone wants in on the action.
As a result, a wave of new distilleries by established corporations and smaller entrepreneurs alike is cresting, and we’ll see if they find success as many haven’t been around long enough to serve whisky yet. (By law, Scotch whisky must age for a minimum of three years and one day.)
I’ve been following these new distilleries with great interest, and you can read my previous articles on smaller operations looking to ride the current whisky craze.
This latest list (which includes some new, larger operations) proves how varied the industry and these distilleries can be, ranging from a new operation  built by an established family whisky business on the whisky-island capital of Islay, to a distillery built in the abbey where Scotch whisky was first mentioned in writing, to Scotland’s first community-owned distillery powered entirely by renewable energy…